Remarqued Fournier Argent D’or Bronze Edition of 25


Infinitum is the bronze that images M.L. Snowden’s more than two decade quest to express the perfection of forces and connections that suspend our most important creative relationships. It is a work that moves beyond the form of the mathematical Mobius strip to shape a unique paradigm that Snowden has invented to express her innermost vision. Indeed, the formational route of the metal has no beginning nor end, where every plane of the work is supported through its advancing connection without the use of extraneous bronze supports. Thus, Infinitum while just 18 inches is immediately perceived as a monumental tour de force of bronze metallurgy that floats and defies the context of its metal. It is that millennial expression of Snowden that advances not only the sculptor’s oeuvre as arguably the largest body of bronze at the 21st century, but expresses the endurance of the artist’s vision that singularly advances upon the sweeping and moving connections of her historic legacy, to create a new and significant statement of power and originality for the art of bronze.

© Snowden.